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Employee Section
Below you will find information regarding employee benefits, programs, schedules, and announcements.

To check the current schedule and phone list, please click the icon below.

Vacation Program

Beimel Transportation Inc.'s Schedule of Vacation Allowances is as follows:

6-12 Months 1-3 Years 3-5 Years 5+ Years

  • 2 Paid Days Off

  • 7 Paid Days Off

  • 9 Paid Days Off

  • 12 Paid Days Off

Vacation Time will be granted on a Seniority Basis. Other guidelines may apply. For a downloadable or printable copy of vacation guidelines please click here.
Employee Paperwork

BTI Time Sheet and Pretrip paperwork copies are provided here for download:

Time SheetPretrip
Holiday Pay

Due to the nature of the natural gas industry Beimel Transportation cannot guarantee holidays off.

Beimel Transportation will pay Holiday Pay for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Day only.
Employee Schedule

Beimel Transportation posts the weekly employee schedule at both the shop and online. To check the current schedule and phone list, please click the icon below.

Employee Handbook

The Beimel Transportation Employee Handbook is provided to all employees at time of employment. For a replacemement copy or for reference please click here.

CB Information

All employees are to be polite and business oriented when using CBs for communication. CB usage should be limited to work- and traffic-related conversations while on location.
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