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Beimel Transportation Inc. provides a number of services specifically tailored to companies working in the Oil and Gas exploration and collection industry, including:
  • Fresh and Waste Water Transport
  • Equipment Transport
  • Oversize Transport
  • Drilling Rig Transport
  • Other Load Transport
  • Equipment and Operator Rental
  • Security and Traffic Control
  • Water Transfer Attendants

Fresh and Waste Water Transport

Beimel Transportation majors in fresh and impaired water transport for drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations.

At this time Beimel Transportation rosters
  • 11 - 150-Barrel Capacity Water Transports
  • 17 - 130-Barrel Capacity Water Triaxles

Equipment Transport

With several drop deck and lowboy trailers owned, Beimel Transportation has the capacity to handle the transportation of construction equipment. Port cards allow us to deliver units for export directly to many shipping ports on the East Coast, and our knowledge of permit acquisiton ensures we can handle any equipment move regardless of size.

Oversize Transport

Beimel Transportation has the ability to haul nearly any load of any size. With knowledge of permit acquisition, pilot vehicles, and specially trained drivers Beimel Transportation can safely and efficiently handle your oversize load.

Drilling Rig Transport

Beimel Transportation currently operates four winch units with oilfield-spec tail roll trailers as well as several flatbed, stepdeck, and lowboy trailers ensuring we can handle all equipment from the drilling operation. With escorts, roustabouts, traffic control, and swampers available as well, Beimel Transportation has the capacity to handle any rig move in house.

Heavy Haul Transport

In addition to over-dimensional loads Beimel Transportation has the ability and equipment to handle overweight hauling, be it for local or interstate delivery.

Equipment and Operator Rental

Beimel Transportation Rentals offers a wide range of rentals that can light up your site, keep it warm, and clean it up. From set up through completion, BTI Rentals can cover all equipment needs including delivery and certified operators.

Security and Traffic Control

Beimel Transportation Security Services offers trained security officers and traffic control agents available to manage traffic flow on location entrance roads, maintain site security, monitor events, and provide mobile patrol services.

Water Transfer Attendants

Water Transfer attendants are available to aid in the delivery of fresh or impaired water at fill and offload points. Transfer Attendants assist in parking of trucks, maintain load counts, and assist in preventing spills.


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